The November 2020 Carlsbad Art Wall

Art in Carlsbad graphic

I’m a bit late in getting this posted…there’s no good reason for it…and you may already have seen it. But for those who haven’t been in the Village and seen the newest Carlsbad Art Wall, or those who are not local…here it is. The November Carlsbad Art Wall was created by Matty Davis, who hails from Aspen, CO but previously a practicing artist in Carlsbad.

November 2020 Carlsbad Art Wall by Matty Davis

If you’re a resident or have visited Carlsbad, you have probably driven by the wall on Carlsbad Village Drive when heading to the beach. Even if you don’t know the official #CarlsbadArtWall name you probably have noticed changing murals on the east-facing wall of Senor Grubby’s Mexican Restaurant on Carlsbad Village Drive, just past the train tracks and easily seen as you are heading west.

Bryan Snyder, a well-known Carlsbad artist with plenty of public art of his own, founded the Carlsbad Art Wall (CAW) in 2015, with the cooperation of the owner of Senor Grubby’s in Carlsbad Village, a popular Mexican restaurant.

The Carlsbad Art Wall is an opportunity for residents and visitors to enjoy beautiful and temporary public art by local, regional and occasional international muralists, with several new murals every year. Not only do we all get to enjoy beautiful public art but it’s great exposure for the artists!

And some residents stop by to visit with the artists and watch them create their murals!

Carlsbad’s reputation as an arts community continues to grow, with abundant public art (links to an interactive map) in Carlsbad Village and elsewhere in the community. The Carlsbad Art Wall is a very special part of our expanding and changing arts community!

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