Buyer and Seller Videos

Getting educated about the home buying and selling process is important for buyers and sellers so you can be as effective as possible in your transaction and reach your real estate goals. There’s a lot to know and I can help with that education and all the questions you have…and perhaps some you don’t realize you have…when we work together.

Another great source of education besides me are short videos with tips and advice about how to buy or sell a house. These can be useful even if you have bought and/or sold before…think of them as a refresher course!

I created 2 playlists of short (1 – 2.5 minute videos), one focused on buying (23 videos) and one for selling (21 videos). The following link to the video playlist on my YouTube channel. By the way there are other playlists, too – videos about places to visit, Carlsbad neighborhoods, and so much more.

Home Buying Tips and Advice

Home Selling Tips and Advice