Update – Our Monarch Caterpillars

Monarch Caterpillars in Carlsbad

It’s been fun watching the life cycle of the Monarch Butterfly on our back patio this year. Eight days ago I shared an update on the 11 Monarch Caterpillars that were growing rapidly as they devoured multiple milkweed plants. Here’s the link to that post.

Monarch caterpillars in Carlsbad

A few days after that post the Caterpillars moved into the next stage, the chrysalis (pupa).

We were able to find 4 of them but have not been able to locate the others, other than the one attached to the watering can that died. Hopefully they are just well hidden and will turn into the adults. The chrysalis phase last 10 to 14 days, based on my research on Monarch Butterfly Stages.

Monarch chrysalis

Hopefully the next update will be photos of the adults emerging from the chrysalis.

Monarch chrysalis