Relocation is not for DummiesCertainly any move can be difficult, with a host of issues to cope with…before, during and after, and plenty of coordination of tasks, decisions and people.


To learn more about relocation, why not visit my YouTube Channel Playlist of RELOCATION TIPS AND ADVICE (19 short 1 to 2 minute videos with great tips and advice about relocating), viewable on your iPhone, iPad, Smartphone, and laptop.


Also check out my other video series on YouTube, HOME BUYING TIPS AND ADVICE and HOME SELLING TIPS AND ADVICE (both offer a number of short 1 to 2 minute informational videos)


Relocation over a significant distance is even more complex, especially if you are moving to a new area and also have to coordinate jobs, family, kids, pets, and cars, in addition to buying a new home in an area you might not know, plus possibly selling your current house.

You’ll find plenty of information here to help you along the way.

I have relocated 4 major times, most recently from the Boston area to California, so I am familiar with the complexities of making such a move, and am happy to help you make your move as smooth and trouble-free as possible. I’ve also had experience in my personal relocations with moving kids, pets and cars, and buying and selling at the same time.

I have also worked with a lot of buyers moving here, from other parts of California as well as from around the country. Plus I had experience in the corporate world relocating employees. No doubt you have a ton of questions and it’s best to get those out of the way early on in the process – let me know what you need!

Why not ask me about my 5-page RELOCATION CHECKLIST and the QUESTIONS TO ASK YOUR MOVERS CHECKLIST – give me a call/text me (760) 840-1360 or email me at I am happy to share and provide some guidance to you as you get started in your relocation.

If you are relocating here to Southern California I would be honored to be your resource from start to finish. There’s a lot to know, and it’s best to be prepared early on, especially if your relocation will be happening soon.

And if you have a house to sell before buying here, I can help you with a top notch referral in your area and coordinate with them as needed with your purchase here in Southern California!

In addition to this site, I have another blog where I talk about all the communities in North San Diego County, issues related to buying/selling/relocating, things to do, and lots of other useful information for those who are moving here. Check out Carlsbad Real Estate News – it’s NOT just about Carlsbad, and not all about real estate, either!!

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Relocation Services

Are your relocating to or from the Carlsbad CA area? Theses are some of the relocation services I offer my buyer and seller clients