My Relocation Services for Buyers and Sellers (Part 1 of 2)

I provide a number of relocation services for buyers and sellers in Carlsbad and nearby, and buyers who are moving here from outside the area.

While it’s true that anyone who either buys, or sells, a home is moving, I think there are more complex issues associated with moving a longer distance than locally. And it often takes quite a bit more preparation and planning, which can be complicated by job changes, kids, pets, multiple cars, buying AND selling at the same time, and more!

Having had 4 major moves myself, the most recent from Boston to Carlsbad in 2005, plus moving my Mom from PA to Carlsbad several years ago, and helping my younger daughter move from Oakland to Los Angeles in 2015, I have a fair amount of experience with relocation personally!

Plus a good number of my clients have been relocations as well, from other parts of California, and across the country.

In addition to personal experience and working with relocation clients I have been involved with relocation as a Human Resources professional during my corporate career in Human Resources, helping employees move but also setting up and coordinating relocations.

I’m also familiar with corporate relocation packages and companies and know how those work, too, although they can vary quite a bit depending on the employer and what services are being provided to the employee.

So here is Part 1 of 2 about the various resources and services I offer Relocation Clients. And of course some other things might crop up on an individual basis:

My Blogs

I write for buyers and sellers on 2 different blogs currently – ActiveRain and on the one you are now reading. I share lots of articles about real estate for buyers and sellers, as well as plentiful information about towns, neighborhoods, subdivisions, condo communities, dining, shopping, tourist stuff, things to do, recreation, local beaches, and lots more.

If you want to learn more about Carlsbad or communities nearby in North San Diego County that you are interested in you’ll likely find it on my blogs. But if you don’t find what you are looking for just get in touch and let me know and I will fill you in…I may just have not written about it yet. And I am always interested in learning more about what buyers and sellers need most.

Video and Photos

I hate to say it but some MLS listings are lacking in information, in particular photos and videos. I spend time taking photos and videos for those who are relocating and need to know more about the house, or houses, and neighborhoods they are interested in. The Internet is a wealth of information but you can’t always find what you want and need.  For example – What’s the yard like? The street? The neighborhood? The views? What about the interior?

Think of me as those extra feet on the ground in the area you want to move to, to help you learn more from a distance!!

And there are lots of community posts about Carlsbad neighborhoods and other areas on my ActiveRain blog.

Relocation Checklist

I think everyone who is moving NEEDS a good checklist – there is so much to prepare for and do. I created a 5-page checklist of things to consider when planning a relocation, from A to Z. I often find buyers and sellers are  surprised at all the details to coordinate and the list of things you have to remember to do, even when they have moved before. It can get overwhelming, and it’s easy to forget important things when you are really busy – like that address change, and arranging for doctor records, and changing utilities!

STAY TUNED FOR PART 2 when we cover (1) some key questions to ask your movers, (2) my Relocation Tips and Advice Video Series, and (3) moving boxes…yes, I can provide some to you if you are local. Plus I will recycle your moving boxes if you move here and buy a house with my help.

Thanks for stopping by! And be sure to reach out to me at (760) 840-1360 if you have any questions or would like to talk about your relocation!

The Southern California Relocation Dude