Carlsbad Art Wall Meet & Greet 2024

Art in Carlsbad

The Carlsbad community is invited to a Meet & Greet event at the Carlsbad Art Wall. The event is Saturday January 27 from 10 am until 2 pm and is being coordinated by the school. The purpose of the Meet and Greet is to celebrate the Valley Middle School Visual and Performing Arts Department, teachers and students.

A special feature will be the community creation of a new art wall mural led by Carlsbad artist Bryan Snyder’s art students. This will be the 39th mural since the founding of the Carlsbad Art Wall.

In addition to his new teaching role at Valley Middle School, Bryan Snyder founded the Carlsbad Alley Art Wall. He has also founded other art projects around Carlsbad. The photo is from an earlier Carlsbad Art Wall mural.

January 2021 Carlsbad Art Wall mural


This meet and greet event is sure to be lots of fun for the Valley Middle School students and the community to enjoy the following:

Bryan Snyder’s art students will lead the community creation of the new wall mural.

Students and teachers from various Visual and Performing Arts classes attend, and the community can meet these talented individuals.

Photography students will coordinate a hands-on digital photography demonstration.

There will be live performances by the band/orchestra and choir students.

Furthermore, the Meet & Greet event will be documented by the broadcasting students for a future Valley Middle School TV episode.

In case you aren’t familiar with it, the Carlsbad Art Wall is just west of the train tracks. It’s across the street from the Carlsbad Village Faire Shopping Center, as you head for the beach.

Bryan Snyder founded the Carlsbad Art Wall in 2015, in cooperation with the owner of Senor Grubby’s Mexican Restaurant in Carlsbad Village.

The Carlsbad Art Wall is an opportunity for residents and visitors to enjoy temporary public art by local, regional, and sometimes international artists.

Here are 2 prior Carlsbad Art Wall murals in 2023:

Carlsbad Art Wall November 2023

Carlsbad Art Wall August 2023