The Hip & Artsy North State Area in Carlsbad Village

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Carlsbad Village continues to grow, and one of the areas to experience much change is the area now known as North State.

If you want, take a virtual tour of the North Street area in this slideshow on my YouTube Channel – things have already changed since I created this in 2019, and there will no doubt be more changes, both commercial and residential!


It’s been fascinating to watch the transformation of this area of Carlsbad Village over the years I have lived in Carlsbad…the area of State Street north of Grand Avenue to Laguna Drive and the small Maxton Brown Park overlooking the lagoon.

The area is less than ½ mile long, but there’s a lot crammed in there…and it’s growing and changing, and has become an exciting and interesting extension of the already-vibrant State Street block between Grand Avenue and Carlsbad Village that’s brimming with shops and restaurants!! As so often happens with urban areas undergoing changes this area now has its own name.


The eclectic nature of North State, with remnants of older days, is obvious, especially at the far north, with several automotive repair shops, including Carlsbad British Motorcars, one of the largest British car repair shops in North County (Jaguar, Land Rover, Aston Martin, Bentley, Rolls), and a nearby do-it-yourself car wash and tire sales place. 

Do you need a salon? Got ‘em. A spa? Yep, there’s the Lucky Energy Spa! And you can meet your yoga and wellness needs at Woven We Are.

The Carlsbad Design Collective is here, offering a full range of design, print, and marketing services for businesses.

There are several arts and crafts fairs in the Village, multiple holiday events at the Carlsbad Village Faire Shopping Center, musical events during the year including the annual Carlsbad Music Festival, plus the free Flicks at the Fountain series in the summer on 6 consecutive Thursday evenings. I post the schedule of Flicks every year on this blog so stay tuned, along with other Village events and things to do.

And don’t miss the Art Chair installed during the 2019 Art in the Village Faire by the Fountain – be sure to try it out! It’s huge and a fun photo op!


Dining options have grown dramatically in the last few years, with the innovative Campfire that opened in 2016, Jeune et Jolie (by the owners of Campfire, opened December 2018), Baba Coffee, a wonderful dessert place – Handel’s Ice Cream, and Mas Fina Cantina bar and grill (sadly, Mas Fina Cantina will be disappearing – see the note below about the new State Street Commons being built).

The Steady State Roasting Company is here, too, a small roastery offering unique coffees to taste or brew at home, as well as merchandise. 

Carruth Cellars Urban Winery and Tasting Room is tucked away off the main drag down a short alley adjacent to Campfire, and another newish entry to the dining scene, Shorehouse Kitchen, is just north of Grand Avenue.

The art scene is alive in the North State neighborhood, with the New Village Arts Theater, the State Street Artists Collective, and The Foundry Artist Studios at New Village Arts, an artists’ haven with resident artists and monthly artist receptions. And early adopter is there, Evrbottle (bottles recycled into floor, shelf and table vases and practical art), too, now part of the State Street Artist Collective. No doubt there is more to be discovered.  

So what can you buy in the North State area? Wine, liquor, artwork, antiques, furniture, surfboards, tires, jewelry and exotic gems, massages, hair cuts, home furnishings, crafts, collectibles, and the list goes on. The Village Rock Shop is there, too, and is worth exploring.

Sadly, the Carlsbad Village Art and Antiques Mall, a staple in the community for years, is no longer with us. This building and several others, including Mas Fina Cantina, are being remodeled to accommodate State Street Commons, new retail and commercial space.  You can read more about this major transition – Goodby Carlsbad Art & Antiques Mall! One certainly hopes we do not lose the charm of Carlsbad Village with too much development.

You will certainly want to take advantage of the weekly State Street Farmers Market every Wednesday (3 – 6 pm in the winter months, 3 – 7 pm during daylight savings time) between Grand Avenue and Carlsbad Village Drive. The entire block closes down, and you can enjoy multiple vendors of fresh produce, prepared foods (take home dinner!), and so much more, as well as the adjacent restaurants and retailers in the area on State Street and nearby.

Public transportation is nearby, too, with the Carlsbad Village Train Station just off State just north of Grand Avenue. The station serves the commuter rail to San Diego and points in between, and Amtrak, which makes stops in San Diego County on the way to San Diego. You can also take Amtrak north to Union Station in LA and coastal cities on the way from the nearby Oceanside train station. Buses are close by as well.

Are you interested in having professional office space in the Village outside your home? BLOC may have just what you are looking for, with a variety of office space types/membership options including private (for up to 1-person teams), flexible use desks, and dedicated space. They offer meeting spaces that can be scheduled, art work, and cold brew coffee and Kefir Soda on tap, in the heart of all that North State offers.

The Carlsbad Village lifestyle by the beach is diverse, offering a myriad of activities, things to see, dining, shopping and the arts, and North State offers a wonderful slice of that urban lifestyle.