Reasons to Love Living in Carlsbad – Attractions

Reasons to Love Living in Carlsbad

In this article the focus is on several popular Attractions residents and visitors can enjoy in Carlsbad.

Additionally, there are other reasons to love living in, or visiting, Carlsbad CA. A few include our beaches, the arts, dining, shopping, recreational opportunities, and our weather.


The Flower Fields have been a popular attraction for resident and visitors for decades. The Flower Fields are 55 acres of Ranunculus flowers in multiple brilliant colors. The fields are located on the hill below Armada Drive overlooking the ocean just north of Palomar Airport Road. Flowers typically bloom for about 6 to 8 weeks although that depends on the weather. This year the flowers were late due to chilly weather and a lot of rain.

Attractions - The Flower Fields

The Flower Fields generally open around the 1st of March and close Mother’s Day in May.

Walking among these beautiful flowering fields is a special treat. However, you might enjoy the tractor ride for an additional fee and a different view.

There are other attractions at the Flower Fields plus they hold special and educational events and activities during the blooming season. Moreover, they also can host corporate and private events.


Legoland is another one of Carlsbad’s popular Attractions. Furthermore, it’s known worldwide, attracting lots of residents and plenty of visitors from multiple countries. The Legoland California Resort in Carlsbad is one of 3 US locations (also Florida and New York). In addition, there are Legoland Resorts in Denmark, Japan, Dubai, Korea, Malaysia and Canada.

Attractions - Legoland

There are multiple attractions and rides, the Water Park and the Sea Life Aquarium. Legoland hosts special events throughout the year (Christmas; New Year’s; Red, White and BOOM for the July 4th holiday, and more). Furthermore, there are abundant dining and shopping opportunities, and special shows as well.

You can stay overnight on-site at the Legoland Hotel (with 5 room themes) or the Legoland Castle Hotel, the resort’s version of castle-living.

You can buy Legoland tickets and season passes here.


The Carlsbad Aquafarm is probably one of the lesser known Attractions. Moreover, some people may not be aware it exists. The Aquafarm is located at the Aqua Hedionda Lagoon along the Coast Highway/Route 101 just north of the former Encinas power plant on the east side of the road. Look for the floats on the lagoon and plenty of visiting pelicans.

Pelican at the Carlsbad Aquafarm

This Aquafarm provides sustainable farming of oysters and mussels. Visitors can enjoy a 1-hour experience with a 30-minute guided walking tour. Additionally, the experience includes a 10-minute lesson in how to shuck an oyster and a 20-minute oyster tasting (6 oysters). Group tours are conducted during the week ($40) and on weekends ($45). Reservations are required. Children 10 and under are free. In addition, oysters and mussels are available to purchase.

Oysters and mussels can be ordered online for pick-up (there’s a good video on how to shuck an oyster, too).


The Museum of Making Music (MOMM) is a haven for those who love music. The museum has a large collection of instruments, periodicals and displays. Furthermore, some displays are interactive. You can easily spend a couple of hours here exploring what the museum offers. The Museum sponsors special exhibitions during the year.

Attractions - Museum of Making Music

The Museum offers live concerts throughout the year as well. Prices are generally around $25 and $30. There have been some impressive performers and musical groups over the years. We saw Brazilian guitarist, singer and composer Chico Pinheiro several years ago – he was amazing in person.

If you have any questions about what’s going on in Carlsbad, please let me know.


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