Reasons to Love Living In Carlsbad – The Arts #4

Reasons to Love Living in Carlsbad

The arts are one of many reasons to Love Living in Carlsbad CA. Furthermore, it’s a passion of mine and a topic I enjoy sharing about where I live and sell real estate.

In Part 1 of this series on the arts in Carlsbad we talked about theater. Part 2 was focused on film and outdoor movies. In Part 3 the emphasis was on the music offerings.

Parts 4 and 5 are about the visual arts in Carlsbad, including galleries, art fairs, wall murals, and sculpture. We’ll cover wall murals and sculpture in Part 4, then galleries and art fairs in Part 5.

The visual arts in Carlsbad include a wide range of public art such as sculpture and wall murals scattered around town. Here’s a link to an interactive site.  Just keep your eyes open, especially in the Village. You are sure to spot wall murals, painted utility boxes, and more.


The Carlsbad Art Wall is well known for its changing murals several times a year. The Art Wall was founded in 2015 by Carlsbad artist Bryan Snyder. Here’s the August 2023 art wall mural along with links to several prior murals.

Carlsbad Art Wall August 2023

The #CarlsbadArtWall is on the east-facing wall of Senor Grubby’s Mexican Restaurant on Carlsbad Village Drive. It’s just past the train tracks as you head to the beach.

Furthermore, there have been 37 different murals painted since the Carlsbad Art Wall was founded.

Carlsbad Art Wall May 2023

Additionally, another wall mural offering, also founded by Bryan Snyder in 2022, is the Carlsbad Art Alley Wall. You’ll find it at 550 Grand Avenue in Carlsbad Village. There are multiple murals here and a section where you can come and paint your own creation.

Carlsbad Alley Art Wall

If you walk around Carlsbad Village you are sure to spot other wall murals (e.g., at Grand Avenue and Carlsbad Boulevard at Witch Creek Winery). Some of these have been around for years.


If you enjoy sculpture pay a visit to the free Carlsbad Sculpture Garden. There are 1 or 2 exhibits during the year.

The Sculpture Garden is east of the Village and the 5 Freeway, and adjacent to the Georgina Cole Library at 2955 Elmwood. The Sculpture Garden is open Tuesdays through Saturdays from 10 am until 5 pm and is free. The current exhibit, “Geometric Garden” is open until August 30, 2024.

In addition, there is a cool sculpture at the round-a-bout at the north end of State Street where it meets the Coast Road (Carlsbad Boulevard). It’s lit up at night and fun to see in person when driving through but watch the traffic!

Round-a-bout Sculpture in Carlsbad

The Carlsbad Safety Training Center has 2 interesting sculptures – a police officer and a fireman that are worth seeing.

Sculptures at the Carlsbad Safety Training Center

Stay tuned for the final article about the arts covering galleries and art fairs.