Hearts of Carlsbad Village Treasure Hunt

Things to Do in Carlsbad Village

The 4th Hearts of Carlsbad Village blown glass treasure hunt in Carlsbad Village is February 10th and 11th. What a fun way to spend time in Carlsbad Village exploring!

The Carlsbad Village Association and Barrio Glassworks are sponsoring this fun activity. The treasure hunt begins at 8 am on Saturday and ends at 3 pm on Sunday. The event is also supported by Visit Carlsbad, the official tourism marketing organization for the City of Carlsbad.

February is American Heart Month. And Valentine’s Day is 3 days after the event. What could be more appropriate than a heart-themed treasure hunt?

Blown Glass Heart from Barrio Glassworks


400 colorful and unique hand-blown glass hearts, created at Barrio Glassworks, will be “hidden” in popular locations in the Village. Furthermore, 200 will be hidden throughout each day. Last year there were 200 hearts hidden so there are twice the opportunities this year.

Each engraved glass heart is numbered and dated, and a collectible – so finder’s keepers!  But please as a courtesy only 1 heart per family.

Hearts will be visible in iconic historic places, near downtown murals, at places one could sit and relax, and near local hotels. Don’t look for hearts near or on the railroad tracks or rail trails, or at the train station. And you won’t find any hidden at Barrio Glassworks or the beach.

If you are not successful at the hunt, or can’t make the event, you can buy hearts at Barrio Glassworks.  There is a discount for locals, too!

After you find a heart make sure you register it on the special website hosted by CVA  be entered into the prize drawings. One prize is a free private glass blowing experience at Barrio Glassworks and there’s more. There is a label attached to each heart that will have registration details.

Many thanks are due the Carlsbad Village Association and Barrio Glassworks for hosting this creative treasure hunt event.

Barrio Glassworks is also on Instagram (@BarrioGlassworks).

And don’t forget the Heart of the Village Blood Drive hosted by Barrio Glassworks on Saturday February 10 from 9 am until 2 pm.