Getting a Loan to Purchase a Carlsbad Home – What You Need to Know

Getting a home loan these days is not an easy task, not that it ever has been. But changes in regulations, and lenders and underwriters who are scrutinizing documents more carefully, mean you have your work cut out for you when requesting approval for a mortgage.

There’s not much point in grousing about it – if you need to take out a loan to buy a home, and the majority of people do, then you just have to be prepared to go through the motions. It doesn’t matter how much money you make or have in the bank…there are lots of documents to be provides, and sometimes detailed explanations regarding funds, changes in a bank account, or related matters.

Here’s a useful mortgage 2-part infographic that outlines what you need to know about applying for a home loan these days (you may need to click on the graphic a couple of times to enlarge i for easier viewing).

If you need recommendations for lenders to speak with please let me know – I have several I can suggest to you.

Mortgage_infographic_part_1 mortgage_infographic_part_2