Follow Your Heart Treasure Hunt 2022

Things to Do in Carlsbad Village

Are you looking for something fun to do that will get you outdoors? Then here’s a neat idea. The 2nd Annual Follow Your Heart Treasure Hunt in Carlsbad Village takes place in February. The 1st Annual event in 2021 was a huge success, thus this should be no different!

The Carlsbad Village Association and Barrio Glassworks are sponsoring the treasure hunt February 12th and 13th. The event begins at 10 am on Saturday and ends at 4 pm on Sunday.

Furthermore, this treasure hunt makes perfect sense since February is American Heart Month. Plus Valentine’s Day is the day after the event. What could be more appropriate?! (Photo is a blown glass heart from Barrio Glassworks. Click on photo to go to the website).

Blown Glass Heart from Barrio Glassworks

50 hand-blown glass hearts created by Barrio Glassworks will be “hidden” in Carlsbad Village over the 2-day hunt. Each engraved glass heart is numbered and dated, and a collectible. As a result, if you find it, you get to keep it!

However, please only 1 heart per person so 50 people can participate!

Hiding spots include historic places, downtown murals, places to sit and relax, or the rail trail. Once you find a heart register your find on a special website hosted by CVA to be entered into a prize drawing. Registration details will be on a label attached to each heart.

Everyone who finds a heart and registers will be entered into a drawing. The prize is a free glass blowing experience at Barrio Glassworks. What a neat idea!

Thanks to the Carlsbad Village Association and Barrio Glassworks for hosting this creative treasure hunt event in.

You can follow the Carlsbad Village Association on Instagram and on Facebook.

And here’s the Barrio Glassworks Instagram site.


Donate blood on February 12th at the 5th Annual Heart of the Village Blood Drive. This event takes place at, coincidentally, the Barrio Glassworks.