Carlsbad Art Wall April 2022

Art in Carlsbad

The 2nd mural of 2022 for the Carlsbad Art Wall is a beauty. And it’s interactive…more on that in a moment.

Here’s the 1st Carlsbad Art Wall mural of 2022 in case you missed it.

The most recent Carlsbad Art Wall is by children’s writer/illustrator/artist Janell Cannon. Cannon’s mural is called “Hang with the Bats.”

Ms. Cannon may be best known for her award-winning children’s book, “Stellaluna (1993).” The book is about a young fruit bat, separated from her Mother, who finds her way to a nest of birds. The birds adopt her and Stellaluna learns some bird behavior, but retains some bat tendencies. The book is very clever, and beautifully illustrated.

As mentioned, the mural is interactive! If interested, have your photo taken while standing in front of the wings. Next, crop the photo so it’s rectangular (i.e., exclude the grass and peaked part of the building). Then turn the photo upside down – you’ll look like you are hanging upside down like the bats. Lastly, post your photo on social media using the hashtag #HangWithTheBats.

Well-known Carlsbad artist, Bryan Snyder, founded the Carlsbad Art Wall (CAW) in 2015, in cooperation with the owner of Senor Grubby’s Mexican Restaurant in Carlsbad Village. The Carlsbad Art Wall provides residents and visitors the chance to enjoy temporary public art by local, regional, and occasionally international, artists.

You’ve likely seen the changing murals at Senor Grubby’s Mexican Restaurant on the east-facing wall. The Wall is west of the train tracks, opposite the Village Faire Shopping Center, as you head to the beach.

Carlsbad’s reputation as an arts community continues to grow with abundant public art (interactive map on the City of Carlsbad website). You’ll also find art galleries, performance theater, and multiple music offerings throughout the year. The Carlsbad Art Wall is a very special part of our arts scene!