Your Home Search | What Are You Looking For? (a downloadable form)

A key part of any buyer’s search is knowing what you are looking for.¬† And why.

You may say you want a single story home, but what is your reasoning? Lifestyle? Health?

WHY do you want a big yard?

Is it really necessary to have 2.5 baths or could you make do with 2?

There is often a difference between what home buyers WANT and what they NEED, and it’s important to consider this in your search for a new home.


Well, most buyers have a budget, and want to be in certain areas, and that typically limits the available  inventory. You may WANT certain things in your new home but finding all that you want may be difficult and likely not possible.

Generally there are going to be trade-offs (buyers don’t usually like to hear that but it’s true), so having a good understanding of what you NEED versus what you WANT, and what you are willing to give up is essential. Sometimes what you WANT is not really what you need, and so if push comes to shove, you can do without.

If you are interested in this form, please reach out to me via text or call to (760) 840-1360. I also have a questionnaire that is focused on lifestyle issue that I am happy to share.