Your Favorite Carlsbad Beach is?

Do you have a favorite Carlsbad beach? I do.

If there’s a beach at the top of your list I’d love to know what it is and why!! No doubt other readers would as well.

One of the things I really like about living here, after relocating from Boston back in April 2005, are the beaches – really one continuous beach, 7 miles long, from the Oceanside border at Point Malo and the mouth of the Buena Vista Lagoon, south along the Coast Road/Historic Route 101 to Encinitas (at La Costa Avenue).

While there are lots of different names the beaches all sort of run into each other so who really cares where they start and end (e.g., Terramar, Warm Waters, Hole in the Fence, South Ponto, Frazee, Tamarack, Jetties, Carlsbad State Beach)?  I have also heard some folks who refer to beach areas by the numbered life guard shacks. They are certainly a great way to tell someone how to find you at the beach.

My favorite beach is Terramar, just south of the power plant where Cannon Road meets the 101 and by the bluff-top community of the same name. Yep, there are plenty of stairs, but the beauty of the cliffs is what really appeals to me, along with the fact that is never gets crowded, and often when I visit there is a sense of remoteness.

And it’s where my younger daughter got married, so that makes it extra special.

It is a shame to see some of the erosion that has taken place, of the beach itself and of the cliffs, but such is the nature of the coast versus the ocean and Mother Nature.