You’ll Love the Holiday Tree in Carlsbad Village

Holiday Decorations in Carlsbad Village

Have you seen the Annual Holiday Tree for 2020 at the Carlsbad Village Faire in Carlsbad Village? It’s been there for a while.

If you have been in the Village, and especially at the Village Faire for dining or eating in December, you no doubt have seen the Holiday Tree – it’s beautiful as always!

Every year we have been able to enjoy the annual tree lightning ceremony with music and other holiday festivities, lots of people, and of course the actual lighting by the Mayor, a tradition for over 30 years. The lighting ceremony was always a fun time for the holidays…but 2020 has been a very different year with so many canceled events!

But we can still enjoy the beauty of the season. So for those who have not seen the Carlsbad Holiday Tree yet this year, I hope you will enjoy it.

Carlsbad Holiday Tree 2020