Where to Satisfy a Dessert Craving in Carlsbad Village

I am a big foodie. I admit it.

And I am REALLY a dessert foodie…especially chocolate.

Yes, I know eating lots of desserts is not a good thing but I enjoy them anyway. And sometimes I just get a craving, and don’t feel like whipping something up at home. Or popping into Vons, Sprouts or Trader Joe’s for a goodie.

We don’t live far from Carlsbad Village so that is often my destination when a dessert craving hits. Here are some of my fave places I’ve found that work well for me, depending on my mood.

The Carlsbad Chocolate Bar – 2998 State, at Carlsbad Village Drive (chocolate lover’s paradise)

Carlsbad French Pastry Cafe – 1005 Carlsbad Village Drive (love their florentines and tarts)

C’est La Vie Bakery – 2805 Roosevelt

Cold Stone Creamery – 2967 Carlsbad Blvd. (for me, ice cream is best in the summer!)

Vigilucci’s Italian Gourmet Market – for the fresh cannolis; 2943 State Street

This is NOT a complete list, so if you have some favorites, too, why not leave a comment below?  I’d love hearing about it so I can check it out as well.