What You Should Know About Buying a Beach-Front Home

Owning a beach-front home is a dream of many home buyers, either as a primary or a second home. No doubt you are aware that ocean-front property is pretty darn expensive, and not all that common compared to other homes in Carlsbad or elsewhere along our beautiful Southern California coastline. The reality is a home on, or even close to, the beach may be beyond the budget of many buyers.

But for those in our area who can afford a Carlsbad home on the ocean (right now the few homes that are available range from about $5.5 million to $29,950,000 for single family detached homes – condos and town homes will be less expensive when available), the lifestyle of living on the ocean with ready access to the beach is probably worth it.

Here are the streets where you are likely to find oceanfront homes for sale in Carlsbad and other communities.

Keep in mind the homes referenced in that article may no longer be available since it was written last year – call me (760) 840-1360 or email me at JeffDowlerSolutions@gmail.com for a current list of oceanfront homes in your price range.

In addition to the cost of the property you will also want to keep in mind other expenses – property taxes are higher, it will likely cost more to maintain because of the weather and erosion, and your insurance costs will probably be higher. And you might also want to make some other improvements to enhance the beach lifestyle, such as adding stairs to the beach (IF you can get approval from the city and the California Coastal Commission), or adding or expanding an outdoor entertaining area.

So what other issues should you keep in mind if you are considering buying a home on the ocean?

Have you given some thought to your wants and needs in an oceanfront home, including your budget? How much space to you want? How many bedrooms and bathrooms are needed. Are you looking for additional space for friends and family to visit? How about office space? Since the options for beach front living are somewhat limited you may have to be flexible in what your requirements are, or perhaps consider some remodeling if the home and location otherwise fit. Are you open to any of the coastal communities in San Diego or do you have a preference?

How about the impact of weather (e.g., winds, rain, moisture, marine layer, fog) and erosion – common at the beach on our bluffs and on the beach? Not only will it likely be damper, cooler, and windier, at least some of the time, the weather and erosion can result in additional maintenance.

Being at the beach can also mean some noise from others using the beach, traffic on nearby coastal roads, residents and visitors parking near the beaches, and possibly your house depending on where it’s located, and using public beach access points if close by.

However, having owned a house on the water in the past, I can tell you it was all very much worth it, given the lifestyle you can enjoy, the relaxation of being at the beach, and enjoying the bird and sea life and beautiful views.

If I can help you find that perfect beach house here in Carlsbad, or elsewhere along the coast, please give me a call at (760) 840-1360 so we can discuss your needs and budget.

And if you are in the market for a beach front property I can provide a current list of oceanfront homes in Carlsbad and elsewhere that meet your needs and budget. You can also search for homes for sale here.

NOTE: A longer version of this article appears on my ActiveRain real estate community blog – 6 Things You Should Know about Buying Oceanfront Property.