Waterfront Homes for Sale in Carlsbad

WATERFRONT HOMES FOR SALE IN CARLSBAD come at a premium, as they do elsewhere.

On average, however, prices are better than what you will pay in Del Mar, La Jolla and Coronado, other communities known for beautiful oceanfront homes for sale well into the 8 figures.

Of course you will have to deal with the issues associated with living on the water – weather, maintenance, potential erosion, higher insurance costs, and probably the California Coastal Commission if you want to do any remodeling and landscaping, especially if it’s extensive.

You can expect to pay in the $1 Million + range to get a condo, and probably several million or more for a detached home. Because of the coast road (Route 101 a.k.a. Carlsbad Boulevard) there are only 2 areas of true oceanfront homes – in the Carlsbad Village area and near Cannon where it meets the Coast Road. Other homes will have great views but will be on the east side of the coast road.

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