Want to Spiff Up Your Carlsbad Home? The Home and Garden Show Solution

If you are interested in sprucing up your Carlsbad home, to get it ready to sell or simply because it needs it or you want a change, here’s a solution, plus something to do this weekend when it’s raining!

The San Diego Spring Home/Garden Show starts today at the Del Mar Fairgrounds and runs through Sunday. Whether you are interested in indoor remodeling, or fixing up that garden and entertaining area so you can enjoy it more, the San Diego Spring Home/Garden Show will have plenty of options for you to consider, with more vendors than you can count as well as the opportunity to talk with the professionals, including architects to ask questions and get advice or with private design experts.

The Garden Masters exhibit, with 17 different gardens, should offer plenty of ideas for how you can improve your outdoor space.

One has to be mindful of costs, of course. If you are thinking of selling you should be prudent in what you spend and what improvements you make. You cannot assume that, dollar for dollar, your improvements will result in an equal increase in value. Improvements DO make a difference, depending on what they are.

If you would like to chat about these issues as you think about the future sale of your home, please let me know.

San Diego Spring Home/Garden Show

Del Mar Fairgrounds

2120 Jimmy Durante Boulevard (just off the 5 at Via de la Valle)