The New Carlsbad Art Wall – March 2018

Art in Carlsbad graphic

If you have been in the Village recently you no doubt have noticed the latest Carlsbad Art Wall mural on the east-facing wall at the popular Mexican Restaurant, Senor Grubby’s. The Carlsbad Art Wall is an important part of Carlsbad growing reputation as an arts community.

If you haven’t seen it yet, here it is.

The mural was painted on March 24th and 25th by CYRUS HOWLETT, a Los Angeles-based artist/muralist with a background in both fine art as well as urban art. As you might guess the title is “LOVE.”

Personally I love how the Carlsbad Art Wall, a collaboration between the owner of Senor Grubby’s and well-known Carlsbad artist Bryan Snyder, changes every few months. And since it was initiated back in 2015 there has been a pretty diverse set of murals painted.

The new murals are announced so residents know in advance and can hang out and watch the artists at work on the weekend – I have driven by and see the work in progress a few times but haven’t stopped yet…have you?