The Great Kindness Challenge in Carlsbad, and Beyond

Carlsbad Village sign

I meant to write about this last week, since that was the GREAT KINDNESS CHALLENGE at Hope Elementary School and about 12,000 other schools around the country. It’s a great idea anytime for us all, isn’t it?

It’s pretty cool that the Great Kindness Challenge actually started here in Carlsbad, thanks to JILL MCMANIGAL who began it all at home with her 2 kids. The program was brought to 3 schools in Carlsbad in 2012 and it’s grown exponentially from there.

The Challenge is based on a checklist of 50 different acts of kindness that kids can do during the week, some easier than others…like smiling at 25 people. Hope Elementary here in the Calavera Hills area of Carlsbad was one of the first schools to take on this challenge.

You can read more from ABC News and the visit by the founder to Good Morning America last week, the week of the Kindness Challenge.