The Great Kindness Challenge 2021

The Great Kindness Challenge 2018 sign in Carlsbad

The GREAT KINDNESS CHALLENGE kicks off today, January 25th and runs through this coming Friday the 29th. Thousands of schools around the country, as well as in over 100 other countries, typically take part in this global event.

Kindness is a pretty good idea anytime for us, isn’t it, and not just in our schools. Anywhere, and anytime!

The Great Kindness Challenge was founded here in 2012 in Carlsbad. The Kindness Challenge was started by Carlsbad resident Jill McManigal, co-founder and Executive Director of the non-profit, Kids for Peace, with her 2 kids. The Kindness program began at 3 schools in Carlsbad in 2012, and the Great Kindness Challenge has expanded, not surprisingly, rather dramatically since.

Kids for Peace offers several programs in addition to the Great Kindness Challenge – Kids Club for Peace, a virtual after school program; a Racial Justice Program; and the Peace Pledge Program.

The Great Kindness Challenge website stats convey a powerful message about this now worldwide event. In 2020 over 15 million students in 115 countries and 28,000 schools took part, with more than 750 million acts of kindness! Just imagine the impact!!

What a powerful way to empower people to create a culture of kindness worldwide.

The Great Kindness Challenge is based on a checklist of 50 different acts of kindness that kids can perform during the week, some easier than others…like smiling at 25 people. Hope Elementary here in the Calavera Hills area of Carlsbad was one of the first schools to take on this awesome challenge.

There is also a family edition of the Great Kindness Challenge if you are interested in getting YOUR family involved. Shouldn’t we all find ways to be kind to others all year long, and every day??