Summer 2022 Home Buyer Guide

Home Buyer Guide

The 1st day of Summer is just 2 weeks away! However, if you are considering buying a home, my Summer 2022 Home Buyer Guide is now ready. You can download it for FREE.

If you are planning to sell a home, why not check out my 2022 Summer Home Seller Guide, too! You might also read this important article – Planning to Sell – Where Will You Go?

In this very competitive housing market you need to be educated about the home search and buying process. That’s true in Carlsbad, and elsewhere in our North San Diego County communities. It’s tough to be a buyer these days because of the market conditions and competition!

Even if you are an experienced home buyer there are new things to learn. This is especially true if you have not bought a home for a while! Furthermore, the housing market conditions keep changing and these affect inventory, pricing, and competition.

You must be as prepared as possible, so you can navigate the home buying process successfully, and achieve your real estate goals.

2022 Home Buyer Guide

While the 2022 SUMMER HOME BUYER GUIDE may not cover everything you should know, it will help you better understand the following issues, and more. And the Guide may raise questions you haven’t thought about that we should discuss:

1. Reasons to Buy a Home This Summer

2. Expert Insights for Today’s Homebuyers

3. The Many Benefits of Homeownership

4. Top Motivators to Buy this Summer

5. Things to Avoid After Applying for a Mortgage

6. 5 Tips for Making Your Best Offer

If we work together on your search and purchase I will explain everything you need to know, and more, and answer all of your questions. There may be some you didn’t realize you had!


HOME BUYING TIPS AND ADVICE is a playlist of 23 short (1 to 2 1/2 minutes) videos on my YouTube Channel. This series covers important things to know when buying a house. The videos do not cover everything to be aware of. But you’ll learn more about what you can expect, and answers to important questions.

If you are also planning to sell, my videos on HOME SELLING TIPS AND ADVICE will help you get prepared. If you would like more information about the local real estate market conditions, the home purchase process, life in Carlsbad and North San Diego County, getting pre-approved (unless you are paying cash), and related matters, please get in touch with me by calling or texting (760) 840-1360.

Please also feel free to email me at JeffDowlerSolutions AT gmail DOT com.

Do you need to get pre-approved? It’s essential in order to tour homes (some listings require a pre-approval letter before a showing will be confirmed) and certainly to make offers. You want to know your true buying power in this market, don’t you.

If helpful, I can provide several recommendations of lenders to speak with. Just call directly, or text me, at (760) 840-1360 and we can discuss what you need and how I can help!