Special Event Parties with I Bubble Design

Alan Kier is the creator/founder of a really cool company, I Bubble Design.

The company is, well, all about making giant bubbles and enjoying them.

Imagine a children’s birthday party with giant soap bubbles – bigger than the kids – floating around?

Or a special outdoor wedding?

A family reunion at the beach?

Alan will create that special event for you with his bubble maker and lift everyone’s spirits with huge, beautiful bubbles, all for $75/hour and up depending on location/travel (this was pricing when this article was written – not sure what the pricing is today).

You can enjoy I Bubble Design photos on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook, and enjoy (and purchase) bubble art prints, scepters and wands on his I Bubble Design website.

And by the way Alan is also a very talented handyman! I know, and many clients know, from personal experience.

You can call or text Alan and I Bubble Design at (760) 814-0772 for YOUR next special event!