Sellers, What’s Most Important When Selecting Your Agent?

Hiring the right real estate professional to market and sell your home is essential to success, and a process you should not take lightly.

My focus here is about what’s important to you when you a making this critical decision. And while you might not have a list, my guess is you have a pretty good idea about the things you are hoping to find when making this important hiring selection.

Here are some things I’ve heard from sellers when I asked them what’s important, in no particular order:

Trust ~ Honesty ~ The Agent’s Brokerage

Has a written marketing plan ~ Uses technology ~ Uses lots of photos and video

Communication ~ Flexibility with regard to my schedule

Will be truthful about my home’s value and condition

Advice about preparing the home for the market ~ Referred by friends or neighbors

Selling my home fast ~ Knows the local market conditions

Getting top price  (or MY price) ~ Has great references and testimonials

Listens well ~ Lives in my neighborhood ~ Has sold other homes in the local area

Will answer all my questions ~ Doesn’t embarrass me about how my home looks

Minimizes the hassles of selling ~ Is the area specialist (or claims to be)

Some of these may already be on your list of important matters, or perhaps strike a chord with you. In any case you probably will want to inquire about these issues, or to listen carefully to what the agents you talk to have to say.

I know I ask prospective sellers about their concerns, and questions so I can best understand what I can do to help them. I even have a questionnaire on these issues that I share with prospective sellers.

Here are some other important thoughts for you.

Believe it or not some sellers pick the listing agent who gives them the highest list price, or is willing to list the home at the price the seller wants even if market data show clearly that’s wrong, perhaps by a lot! While you want to get the best price, these may be the worst reasons to choose your Realtor – it’s likely to be a waste of time as it will limit showings and you sure won’t get the offer you want. Who will suffer by this decision? You, because your house won’t sell.

Secondly, it might not be what you want or hope to hear, but you need to hear the truth…about a number of matter than impact a house sale – market conditions, the market value of your home, the  condition of your property, and what must be done to be market-ready. So you want a listing agent who will be honest and truthful with you, and enthusiastic about your home and the overall transaction, and not just about securing a new listing.

I’ll leave you with this parting thought. Keep in mind what you are trying to achieve by selling your home and why that’s important, even if you do not get the price you think it’s worth. It might be to down size, to find a larger home for growing family, to move to a warmer climate, or to live closer to grand-kids or other family.