Sellers – How to Maximize Showings on your House

Home Seller Tips and Advice

Stuff happens with home showings no matter how carefully we write the showing instructions for the MLS, although thankfully not often.

The agent might make a mistake and misread the showing instructions, or the buyers might decide at the last moment to not see your home. Traffic delays cause problems, too – we all get that!!

Sometimes agents do not call far enough in advance to make a showing appointment either with the seller or through the agent, despite what instructions say. And there are times when buyers decide at the last minute they want to view your home, and of course their agents want to try to accommodate them as much as possible

Being early or late, or not showing at all without calling, are probably the most common goofs, and it can be annoying, especially when you are caught off-guard. Being aware these things MIGHT happen may help you take it all in stride, especially when it’s hard enough to keep your home “show ready” all the time.

Here are some thoughts to make the best of showings – you can’t control what others do but you can make showings as trouble-free as possible:

1. Be as flexible as you can when things go awry. Yes, it can be annoying but don’t sweat the small stuff when selling your home. Be thankful the showings are happening, and hopefully before long you will have an accepted offer and showings will stop!

2. Limit showing availability only when you really need to – you work at home, small kids napping, illness, the elderly. The more available your home is the better…buyers have schedules, too.

3. Be sure showing instructions are clearly defined and agreed on, and that these are clearly spelled out in the MLS listing – sometimes what is intended and what the instructions say are two different things.

4. If buyer agents need to call for showing appointment, be sure to answer the phone and return all calls or text messages promptly. It’s essential to cooperate with the buyers and their agents who want to see your home and make it available. You DO want to sell it don’t you?

And if the instructions say showings are between X and Y, then make sure you keep your commitment.

5. Please, please, please make sure the front key works easily. I can’t tell you how many times I have had issues with keys, and on rare occasions could not get them to work at all. Key and front door problems create a bad first impression. It should not be the buyer agent or buyer’s problem that your front door is not easy to open! My recommendation? Get that front door and key fixed and working well.  You know what buyers are doing while waiting for the door to get opened? They are checking out the entry and front yard and perhaps noticing all the things that need attention..possibly adding to a bad first impression!!

Are you thinking about selling your home and need some guidance? Give me a call at (760) 840-1360 so we can discuss your personal situation and timing.