San Diego Restaurant Week 2024

San Diego Restaurant Week 2024

San Diego Restaurant Week just around the corner, beginning March 3rd through the 10th. This is the 1st of 2 such events for 2024 with 8 days of dining opportunities.

Food lovers can enjoy a wide range of meals at great prices at 100+ restaurants all around San Diego! How can a dedicated foodie go wrong with all these options?

The challenge will be deciding where to dine, and at how many different places.


San Diego Restaurant Week is all about reduced prices on fixed price multi-course menus for lunch, brunch and/or dinner. Furthermore, some restaurants may even offer a drink as a course. Be aware that not all restaurants offer 3 meals – some may just offer dinner. (Photo is courtesy of Pixabay and not a picture of an actual Restaurant Week meal).


Restaurants are located across a wide geographic area, including downtown San Diego, inland/East County, and north to Carlsbad and Oceanside.

My hometown of Carlsbad has 3 participating restaurants – Seasons, Draft Republic, and Ponto Lago.

Fixed prices range by meal, starting at $20 at lunch, and vary by restaurant. Check out the individual restaurant listings to see what’s offered and the pricing.

2024 San Diego Restaurant Week is a fun and tasty way to check out eateries where you might not normally dine. It’s a great opportunity to broaden your culinary horizons and visit places you’ve heard about but haven’t tried yet.

Some restaurants offer outdoor dining, curbside pick-up/take-out, and deliveries. Don’t assume but check first, depending on your preferences, for pricing and availability. And be sure to check the restaurant hours and what meals are being offered…it might just be dinner!

No doubt you will find some dining options near where you live. But consider traveling to explore new places. Now is the opportunity to be adventurous in your dining instead of doing the same old thing!


It’s easy to participate in San Diego Restaurant Week 2024 since tickets or passes are not necessary. Simply visit participating restaurants that intrigue you and take advantage of great dining and prices.

While reservations are not required they always make sense, especially for dinner and on the weekend. Remember, this is a popular event with lots of people who are participating. It’s better to be prepared with a reservation than wait in a long line or find out there’s no room.

Moreover, if you don’t care for the Restaurant Week options being offered simply order from the regular menu.

Some restaurants offer Open Table reservations directly from the San Diego Restaurant Week website, or from their business websites.

So get ready to have lunch, brunch or dinner out during San Diego Restaurant Week, perhaps even more than one meal. All you need is your wallet and a good appetite!