Rent vs. Buy in San Diego

We often hear a debate about whether it is better to RENT vs. BUY.

The issue, on the one hand, has to do with your interest and ability to be a homeowner – do you WANT to own a home or is your personal lifestyle better suited to renting.

The other BIG issue, of course, is COST.

Is it more cost effective to RENT or to BUY???

Trulia just released its 2012 RENT VS. BUY INDEX with some interesting data from around the country. SORRY THE LINK NO LONGER WORKS.

So what about San Diego?

Well the conclusion is that while it may be less expensive to RENT in the San Diego area, as a whole, it might actually be better to BUY.

Affordability is the best it has been in many years, and interest rates, for now, remain low.

And leading experts are saying that NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY.

If I can help you sort through the issues so you can make an informed decision, please let me know.