Questions You Should Ask Your Movers

Relocation is not for DummiesHere are some questions I suggest you ask movers, especially if you are moving a substantial distance and are hiring a moving company.

These come from my own personal experience with multiple moves but 4 major RELOCATIONS (including Boston to California back in 2005) and specializing in relocating buyers and sellers.

  1. How long will the movers take to get your household goods to the new location?
  2. Do the movers take only your goods or are they picking up 1 or more?
  3. What does the insurance cost and what does it cover? Will they cover PBO boxes (that’s “packed by owner” – probably not but ask)
  4. If needed, will the movers drop off your main house and then at a storage unit?
  5. Will the movers provide storage at the new location if your new home is not ready?
  6. Will the movers need to use a shuttle truck to move things from your house to the van (if the drive or access to the home prohibit getting a large moving van close by, e.g., steep hills)
  7. What are the additional costs of shipping cars, boats, motorcycles and other homeowner toys?
  8. What are the costs of shipping items noted above?
  9. Are there additional charges for art, antiques and other expensive items? Can you /should you purchase additional insurance? This might also be a good question for your home owner’s insurance company.
  10. Does your home owners’ insurance cover any of the costs in the event of loss if the mover’s insurance does not cover it?
  11. What items will the mover not take, e.g., hazardous items
  12. Does it cost more to pack? Unpack? How much? When does this get done?
  13. Can the movers provide supplies before the move and will they drop them off? What does this cost?