Public Safety Open House in Carlsbad on October 13

The Carlsbad Safety Training Center will be hosting their annual Public Safety Open House on Saturday October 13th.

This annual event is a terrific way to learn more about the many public safety services we have here in Carlsbad (for daily life and for emergencies such as fires) and to meet some of the many people who provide these services on our behalf.

The Safety Training Center is located at 5750 Orion Street, just off Faraday to the east of El Camino Real.

The open house will feature live demonstrations including K9 maneuvers, a SWAT mission, and a burning house demonstration.

There will also be a number of public safety displays pertaining to general prevention and preparedness; trauma intervention; fire safety, police and public works vehicles; and emergency services and CSI equipment, and technology.

Are you interested in being a volunteer? You can learn about the volunteer options and how you can help, too!.

The Carlsbad Public Safety Open House runs from 10 am until 2 pm. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity (I went last year!) – you will be impressed, AND thankful for all the services the City of Carlsbad provides.