Public Art at Terramar Beach in Carlsbad

Art in Carlsbad

I stopped by Terramar Beach the other day – one of my favorite Carlsbad beaches – while out running errands.

It was a pretty June Gloomy morning but this whimsical sculpture perched on the bluff above the ocean brightened the day. It was on the other side of the fence where you are not supposed to go so I couldn’t get a good close-up.

Terramar Beach sculpture in Carlsbad

I didn’t see a sign (but may have missed it) so I have no idea who might have created it nor how long it’s been there (it’s been months since I was at that beach). Anyone know anything?

By the way, there is a terrific interactive map of public art in Carlsbad. No doubt there is plenty of public art in our city that is not part of this official City of Carlsbad list – wall murals and more! If you have something to share that you’ve found, please do!