Pre-Listing Kit for Carlsbad Sellers

If you are considering selling your Carlsbad home, especially now that the market conditions favor sellers, there are some important things to know before you embark on the process.

The more you know and understand as a seller the easier the process will be, especially if you have not sold a home for some time, or are a FIRST TIME HOME SELLER.

Here is a summary of my SELLERS’ ULTIMATE PRE-LISTING KIT I provide potential sellers that will summarize the most important things you should know as a potential seller. For more details, and to have an in-depth discussion about the Carlsbad real estate market and the marketing of your home, please give me a call (760) 840-1360.

Here is a link to my most RECENT CARLSBAD REAL ESTATE MARKET REPORT (click) so you will have an idea of what the current market is like.