Outdoor Dining in Carlsbad Village November 2020 – Updates

Carlsbad Restaurants

The worsening Covid-19 situation has recently resulted in changes, again, with regard to retail businesses and restaurants, with revised restrictions they must observe in San Diego County and in California (no doubt there are other businesses, etc., that are impacted, but this post is not about that!).

Plain and simple…there is no indoor dining allowed at the moment.

But there are plenty of eateries that offer outdoor dining. In addition to eateries that already had outdoor seating a number of restaurants have added outdoor patios or have reconfigured space to provide outdoor seating this year in response to the pandemic – Campfire, Jeune et Jolie, Bluewater Grill, Blue Ocean Robata and Sushi Bar, OAK + Elixir, to name a few.

And quite a number of places offer curbside pick-up and takeout, in addition to outdoor dining, or in some cases where none exists.

Gift cards are another option at some restaurants, and delivery services are available in some cases as well.

Here’s the most recent list of your dining options in Carlsbad Village, courtesy of the Carlsbad Village Association, with over 80 venues.

It’s wise to call the restaurant ahead of time, or check their websites (if available you’ll see links in the listing) to verify business hours, menus, and other information so you aren’t disappointed!

While things have shifted, we can still enjoy meals out, or get carryout/deliveries, and support our local restaurants in these challenging times. No doubt they will appreciate the business, too!

Are there any favorite dining experiences you have had? I hope you will share.