New Winter Hours at the State Street Farmers Market

Fresh Produce at the State Street Farmers Market

No doubt Carlsbad residents are well aware of the weekly State Street Farmers Market held every Wednesday on State Street between Carlsbad Village Drive and Grand Avenue.

If you weren’t aware for some reason, now you know. The Carlsbad Farmers Market is well worth a visit…indeed multiple visits, so you can experience it all or enjoy your favorite produce vendors over and over.

During Daylight Saving Time the hours are 3 to 7 pm, but in the winter the hours switch to 3 to 6 pm because of getting dark earlier (the first day of winter is right around the corner, on Monday the 21st – the shortest day of the year, too!).

State Street Farmers' Market produce

Starting TODAY, the State Street Farmers Market will open at 2:30 to provide more time to shop for fresh produce (and it’s in abundance) and perhaps also select from some of the prepared food vendors – dinner, anyone?

You can read more about the State Street Farmers Market here, including what’s available, the vendor lineup, and shopping guidelines.

The State Street Farmers Market implemented a number of procedures early on this year so they could re-open and have a safe place for people to shop during the Covid pandemic. The number of people is limited, booths are spread out, the market is smaller overall, and masks are required along with the recommended 6-feet of social distancing…something we are all used to. And bring your own hand sanitizer (it’s available, too, as are masks if you forget your own!).