New Trash Service for Carlsbad

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A new Trash Service for Carlsbad is coming in 2022.

If you are a resident you likely have heard the City of Carlsbad is changing the provider for trash services. As a result a postcard arrived today (at my house at least) formally announcing this change.

Effective July 1, 2022 the new provider of our recycling, organics and solid waste collections will be Republic Services.

Furthermore, bulky item pick-ups will also be handled by Republic Services.

Additionally, you will still be able to recycle your household batteries as you do now with the weekly trash pick-up. Simply place them in a plastic baggie on top of the recycling bin.

Waste Management has provided our trash and recycling services for years and will continue to do through June 30. New bins will be delivered beginning March 28 according to Republic Services.

If you are a Carlsbad resident I suggest checking out the Republic Services website for more information. There is a pretty good FAQ section that should address many of your questions about the change of services. Furthermore, information is supposed be sent about the change in services, the new bin drop-off, and more soon.

Per the FAQ the billing will change. Currently residents are billed for trash services through the City of Carlsbad utility billing (trash, sewer and water). However, this will change, with Republic billing separately for trash pick-up.