New Art Beach Chair in Carlsbad Village

If you attended the Art in the Village Fair this past Sunday you no doubt saw the new Art Beach Chair that was installed by the fountain at Grand Avenue and State Street. And perhaps you sat in it as I did.

But if you haven’t seen it, here it is! Be sure to stop by sometime when you are in the Village and try it out. A couple at the fair were taking a photo of their 2 dogs sitting in the chair – great fun!

It’s a terrific opportunity for a selfie. Furthermore, there is room for several people in the chair, as you can tell.

I bet it’s the best lookin’ Adirondack-style chair you will ever see!

What a great addition to the public art we already enjoy in Carlsbad Village. Thanks to Michael Stutz who crafted the chair, and Ron Juncal who painted it.