My Favorite Coffee Shops in Carlsbad

I have to confess up front that I do not hang out at coffee shops all that often. Most of the time I use them for meeting clients, since I typically have 1 one big cup of coffee (yep grind my own beans) at home in the morning.

BUT I like to know about the coffee shops that are around in Carlsbad and enjoying checking them out. And in addition to the chains, there are some places that I like pretty well.

I am not a big STARBUCKS fan – there, I said it, But I have met clients there, especially the one on Carlsbad Boulevard in the Village (by the Carlsbad Village Faire) and the one at the corner of La Costa Avenue and El Camino Real in South Carlsbad (where the Gelsons is).

PEETS – I have been a Peets fan for many years, since discovering the original in Berkeley with friends many years ago. When we lived back in Boston we used to order our coffee beans each month from Peets…for years!! Love the Peets in the Bressi Village Shopping Center at 2641 Gateway Road

LEAP COFFEE – a newer place kinda off the beaten path, off Faraday in Central Carlsbad and just east of El Camino Real. I’ve been there several times and like the urban/architectural feel of the place. You can read my article and see some photos from my visit to Leap Coffee September 2016. Leap Coffee is at 5611 Palmer Way, south of Faraday.

I also liked the GREEN DRAGON COFFEE HOUSE AND BOOKSTORE at the Green Dragon Inn on Paseo Del Norte, just South of Palomar Airport Road.

And my NEW favorite – BABA, in the heart of Carlsbad Village. I just visited for the first time this past weekend even though they have been open since June of 2016. Read about my visit to Baba here. They are located at 2727 State Street just North of Grand Avenue.

And of course there are many others – La Costa Coffee Roasting, It’s a Grind, VINAKA CAFE (still need to visit this one, in the Carlsbad Village Faire), and places like CAFE ELYSA (Carlsbad Village) and the Carlsbad Chocolate Bar that are way more than coffee shops.

One of the newer coffee shops is SLEEPING TIGER COFFEES, part of the Witch Creek Winery, and ironically right next to Starbucks on Carlsbad Village Drive in the Village. I still have to check this place out!! When you go, peak around the corner on Grand Avenue to see the beautiful Tiger Mural that was painted there some time ago!

Do YOU have any favorite coffee shops in Carlsbad?

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