Microchip Your Dogs for Free BEFORE the Holiday

The July 4th holiday is probably our favorite summer holiday. This holiday is filled with time at the beach, fun with family and friends, outdoor grilling and eating, and of course plenty of fireworks on the 4th, and no doubt in many neighborhood homes for the entire holiday long weekend.

Lots of fireworks means LOTS of noise, which is often a real problem for our pets, especially dogs, who may panic and escape your house or yard. Many dogs end up at the animal shelters on and after the 4th holiday – almost 60 were reported last year!

Here’s something that could helpĀ  – you can have your dog MICROCHIPPED FOR FREE (the normal cost is $10) starting today, from 9:40 to 4, through SUNDAY JULY 2 so your pet can easily be identified if they end up at a shelter.

There are 3 San Diego County Animal Shelters where you can go, the NORTH SHELTER in CARLSBAD is at 2481 Palomar Airport Road.

You can call the Animal Services’ 24-hour emergency dispatch line at 619-236-2341 if you find a pet and they will be cared for at the shelter. If you lose a pet you can check the Animal Services hotline, and pets can be claimed beginning at 9:30 Wednesday July 5.