Masks Now Required in SD County, & Other Changes

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You’ve probably heard on the news that a new Public Health Order goes into effect today in San Diego County.

This new order requires wearing a face mask when in public if you are within 6 feet of others who are not members of your immediate household.

The good thing is face coverings do not have to be hospital grade – bandanas, scarves, homemade masks, and so on that cover the mouth and nose are appropriate (I’ve certainly seen all kinds, haven’t you?).

Minimally, that means masks are to be worn when going into grocery stores, visiting the bank, shopping or getting a prescription at your pharmacy, and other places of business that are open, standing in line (yep been there, done that a few times), picking up food at restaurants, getting healthcare, using public transportation, and so on.

From my few trips out for groceries and hitting the CVS it seems that many people were doing this anyway as has been recommended for a while, but now it’s mandated.

Businesses can refuse service to someone not adhering to the Order. Businesses must still require their employees, contractors and others interfacing with the public to wear masks. And they are required to post signage to remind the public about the requirements.

You can read more about this new Public Health Order here on Patch.

And things continue in the same manner for real estate – limited showings (preferably virtual), restrictions on who can attend (no more than 2 people and from the same household, plus agent), disclosure forms to be signed, and more commonly pre-approval needed in advance, wearing PPE (booties, masks, gloves), not touching surfaces and so on. And sellers are expected to sanitize before and after showings, and are requested to open all doors and turn on lights. The focus in our business is on protecting both buyers and sellers.


There is good news, with some restrictions are starting to be eased, although the stay at home order remains in effect. Some beaches are open for certain activities (Oceanside, Encinitas, Coronado, San Diego, but not Carlsbad – yetI believe the City Council is to vote on this), and some parks and golf courses will be opening today with everyone expected to follow the usual guidelines of social distancing plus wearing masks (read more about these changes here).

Don’t assume ALL parks, golf courses, and beaches are opening – Carlsbad, for example, is still discussing this, and no doubt there are other communities doing the same.