Lifestyle Questionnaire for Relocation

Many people who are relocating are doing so for a lifestyle change.

It could be for retirement purposes

Or perhaps buying a vacation home in a brand new area

Maybe you are relocating for a new job!

Relaxing on the beach

Whatever the reason, I find that buyers who are relocating DO have some lifestyle issues they are hoping to achieve, which may or may not be similar to their current lifestyle. That’s why it’s important to consider what it is you are hoping for so you can focus on these matters in your home search. For example one of the lifestyle issues that buyers coming to California are looking for is enjoying our outdoor living year-round, which might include having an outdoor kitchen in the backyard, and lots of entertainment space.

I created a LIFESTYLE QUESTIONNAIRE that I find helpful when working with relocating buyers so they can focus on the issues that really matter to them in their new home. They may want the same kind of lifestyle they currently have, OR they might want something different.

Here’s the link. Feel free to print this out or download and save to your computer to help you in your relocation.

Or give me a call at (760) 840-1360 or text me your email address and I will send it right over.