I’ve Moved to a New Brokerage

eXp Realty of California

You are going to see a couple of changes on my blog to indicate that I have moved to a new brokerage. But other than the name change, and a new logo, you can expect the same service to buyers and sellers. Plus I will continue writing articles as I have. Indeed, if I didn’t tell you about this change you likely wouldn’t have even noticed.

I’ve made the necessary changes with the State of California Real Estate Licensing board and the CRMLS, the official paperwork has been completed and approved, and I am finishing the on-boarding process at a new brokerage, eXp Realty of California, after 9 years this month with Solutions Real ¬†Estate in Carlsbad.

I started with the Solutions Real Estate Carlsbad Office in January 2011, not many months after the company opened that office (there were several others at the time in Arizona where the company was founded. Because the one founder still with SRE has moved with his team to eXp, the company will be closed in the next couple of months. After discussion with Brent, and some other people I know, and a bit of research and soul-searching, I decided to move to eXp Realty as well versus moving to other possibilities in the area that have called.

I already work pretty virtually, and have a home office (as I have had since moving here in 2005 from Boston), so moving to a cloud-based brokerage is pretty easy. There are abundant training and education opportunities which I am looking forward to, and no doubt other resources I will learn about that will be a benefit to me and my buyers and sellers.

Other than all the online changes (numerous websites, social media), which are extensive, the biggest challenge is getting used to not saying Solutions Real Estate. Forgive me if I forget over the next week or two!

And while the brokerage name and logo are changing, my email and phone number are not so for others the changes are minimal. You can still reach me as before by direct call/text to (760) 840-1360 or via email to jeffdowlersolutions@gmail.com.