Internet Aids for Your Relocation

Finding a new home is one of the biggest challenges ahead of you when relocating, especially to an area you are not familiar with.

Fortunately, buyers these days who are relocating to Carlsbad and nearby have the Internet to help them research communities and all the other stuff they want and need to know. Here are a few Internet Aids to help in your Carlsbad relocation:


Schools are one of the biggest concerns for many buyers, even those without school-age children, because of the impact schools have on market value. Here are several sites my buyer clients recommend using, in no particular order:

And if you know which school district you are moving to, simply do a Google Search to find information on that district. Here’s the link to the Carlsbad Unified School District. And here are some others in the North San Diego County area:


There are many ways to explore communities on-line. A Google search for a particular town will likely bring up a Chamber of Commerce site (e.g., Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce), the city website (e.g., Carlsbad), and other sites that may be helpful.

Try these:

  • Zip Skinny (just enter the zip codes for the communities that interest you, like Carlsbad’s 92009 – La Costa)
  • American Towns


Here in California buyers may want to conduct a search on the Megan’s Law database to search for registered sex offenders in the area they are moving to as part of the due diligence (it’s noted in our CA Residential Purchase Agreement). Agents have no expertise in this area so if it concerns you, do the research. You can search the Megan’s Law Database in other states, too – site is provided by the Department of Justice.

Buyers often ask about crime statistics and safety, so this is another are you may want to research. City Rating provides statistics for many communities in the US. Calling the local police department will likely yield the most up to date and accurate results.