How to Buy a Home – Wants and Needs

Buying a home, whether your first or a new one, is a tough process. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s not.

Our housing market is challenging, getting a mortgage is a complex process, and there is a ton of stuff to know so that you can be effective from the start of your search until you close on your new home.

And essential issue that MUST be addressed early on is determining what you want…and need. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Well, it really isn’t.

Everybody can come up with a list of features and amenities they would love to have in a new home. The reality is that finding a home that has everything is probably impossible – there are ALWAYS trade-offs. So it’s important to figure out what truly is important, perhaps essential, and why so you can focus on those things.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t wish for other features, but when push comes to shove to make a decision, does the property meet most of your expectations, or not? Are you going to pass on a house that meets most of your needs because it’s missing one feature?

Here’s a short video in my How to Buy a Home Series on YouTube about the importance of determining what you want, early on in the process.

There is a lot to know about how to buy a Carlsbad home, including:

Getting Pre-Approved

Understanding the Purchase Process

How to Search for a Home

Understanding Local Market Conditions

How to Make an Offer

What Happens After I Make an Offer

Using Technology in Your Home Search

Understanding Escrow

Home Inspections

Seller Disclosures

Due Diligence

Contingent Offers

Counter Offers

What is the NHD (Natural Hazards Disclosure)?

The Home Appraisal

The Importance of Dates

Removing Your Contingencies

Why not visit Home Buying Tips and Advice and view my YouTube Channel playlist of short videos on how to buy a home, then give me a call (760-840-1360) so we can arrange a consultation to discuss your home buying needs and and answer all of your questions.