Here’s the Newest Carlsbad Art Wall Mural – March 2021

MArch 2021 Carlsbad Art Wall close-up

Flow State” by local artist Taylor Gallegos, was just completed in Carlsbad Village, the 2nd Carlsbad Art Wall mural for 2021. [The sun was bright and making shadows so I’ll have to go back and get a better photo!]

According to Gallegos, a local Carlsbad Village artist… “Flow state is that state of being when times stands still,” Gallegos said. “It’s you and whatever you are doing. You totally zone in, focus and relax; everything just start to go in the direction you want it” (quoted by Bryan Snyder in the “Carlsbad Crawl).

Bryan Snyder, a well-known Carlsbad artist, founded the Carlsbad Art Wall (CAW) in 2015, thanks to the cooperation of Senor Grubby’s Mexican Restaurant’s owner in Carlsbad Village. This special and very visible venue give residents and visitors the opportunity to enjoy temporary public art by local, regional and international artists, with several new murals every year.

Even if you aren’t aware of the official #CarlsbadArtWall name, you’ve likely noticed the changing murals on the east-facing wall of Senor Grubby’s Mexican Restaurant, immediately west of the train tracks as you are driving or walking to the beaches.

Carlsbad’s reputation as an arts community continues to grow and change with abundant public art (links to an interactive map on the City of Carlsbad website), among other artistic media including theater and music. The Carlsbad Art Wall is a very special part of our expanding and vibrant arts community!

The muralists always welcome the public to watch them at work, and murals are typically painted over the weekend.

As a public opportunity for artists to showcase their creativity and share messages for visitors and residents to enjoy for 2 or 3 months, the #CarlsbadArtWall is a unique contribution to the Village by the Sea!