FREE 2021 Winter Home Seller Guide

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If you are considering selling your Carlsbad home in 2021, or have a home elsewhere in North San Diego County that you would like to sell, you may find my Winter 2021 Seller Guide useful as you start the process. You can download it here – Winter 2021 Home Seller Guide.

QUICK NOTE: A click on the link above will take you to my website at Keeping Current Matters – this is a subscription website for Realtors that keeps me informed about our housing market conditions (but I also watch the MLS daily and create monthly market reports!). Just provide your preferred email address and you will immediately receive the download link to the 2021 WINTER Home Seller Guide.

If you prefer you can send an email to me at, or call/text me at (760) 840-1360 with your preferred email address and I will email a PDF of the Seller Guide to you right away.

You might also want to read the 9 Things to Know About Selling a Home During the Pandemic. There are important issues to be aware of as a home owner/seller these days to protect you and buyers coming through your home!

Free 20221 Winter Seller Guide

The Seller Guide is a great resource for sellers, although it doesn’t cover everything you should know about how to sell a home. There is a lot to know about home selling, especially in this competitive market, in addition to issues created by the pandemic (e.g., required paperwork and procedures). There is plenty of essential information to be aware of BEFORE you get started (even if you are an experienced seller), and will answer some key questions you have…and perhaps some questions you did not know you had!

Here is some of what you’ll find in the Winter Home Seller Guide:

Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Sell your House.

The Expert Winter Housing Market Forecast.

Why Low Inventory is a Win for Sellers!

Should I Renovate My House Before I Sell it?

Why Pricing Your House Right Matters!

Local housing market conditions have a big impact on selling a home. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of understanding these conditions and how they impact your home sale – issues like limited inventory, rising prices, other competition, coping with multiple offers (it’s often NOT a simple decision), buyer behavior in this competitive market, and more.

My role as your listing agent is to help you understand these issues, so you can make educated decisions about your personal housing situation. In addition to discussion a Comparative Market Analysis and an Equity Analysis, we will also talk about how to get the best price, terms and conditions, and minimize some of the hassles you could encounter when selling a home.

It’s also important to discuss the appropriate procedures to follow during the Covid pandemic to keep everyone safe, and review the paperwork that is required of all buyers, sellers and agents!


Would it help to have more information about how to sell a house? Why not check out my YouTube Channel for a video series (21 short – 1 to 2 minutes – videos) on Home Selling Tips and Advice.


Please reach out to me at (760) 840-1360 for a FREE equity and market analysis, and a frank discussion about YOUR needs, concerns, questions, and timing. We will also talk about how I will help you reach your goals in a timely manner.

Once I truly understand your needs and personal situation we can work together to create the best strategy to get your home sold for the top price and quickly. A successful sale for you is NOT just about choosing the price, putting a sign in the yard, listing it in the MLS, and waiting for offers!

And once you get one or more offers, do you know what issues to consider so you can make the best choice for your particular situation? More on that when we talk!