FREE 2019 Fall Buyer Guide

My new 2019 FALL Home Buying Guide is now ready, and you can download it for FREE. This is also for those of you sellers who will be buying, too!

It’s important to become as educated about the home search and buying process as you can before getting started, if you are considering buying a new home in Carlsbad or in one of the other nearby communities in North San Diego County. And that’s true even if you are an experienced home buyer!

While this FREE GUIDE does not cover everything you should know, it will help you understand the following:

1. 4 Reasons to buy this Fall Well, things like expected rising prices and predicted higher interest rates are just 2 issues to consider.

2. Where are prices headed – while the rate of price increases has slowed, experts are still predicting rising prices for the future.

3. Why you should have a professional on YOUR side, and do you know the real estate lingo?

If we work together I will explain all this and more, and of course answer all of your questions, including some you might not even know you have!

Another good home buyer tool is my video series on my YouTube Channel – check out my HOME BUYING TIPS AND ADVICE. This playlist offers 20 short (1 – 2 minute) videos on key things to know as a home buyer. While it’s not everything that’s important about home buying or that you should know, it will make you aware of what to expect and a number of your key questions will get answered.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at any time with questions about the market, the home buying process, life in Carlsbad and North San Diego County, getting pre-approved, and anything else you may be wondering about. You can reach me by a calling or texting me at my mobile office at (760) 840-1360, or email me at JeffDowlerSolutions AT gmail dot com.