Free 2018 Fall Home Buyer Guide

Home Buying Tips and Advice

Here is my new 2018 Fall Home Buyer Guide!

You can either download it for FREE, or send me an email and I can get it to you right away.

If you are thinking about buying a new home, in Carlsbad or one of our other North San Diego County communities,you need to be as educated about the process as you can before getting started on your home search…even if you bought a home before!

This Fall 2018 Home Buyer Guide will get your started on understanding the following:

1. What’s happening in the housing marketthings like prices and interest rates, then let’s talk about the local real estate market conditions in the areas you like and how they affect you, making an offer, your competition, and more

2. What you need to know BEFORE you buydo you know you do NOT need to put down 20%? Do you know WHY a pre-approval is so critical?

3. What to expect when buying a home (working with a Realtor like myself, getting a mortgage, closing costs).

Also, check out my HOME BUYING TIPS AND ADVICE video series on my YouTube channel. This playlist offers about 20 short videos on the key things you need to know as a home buyer. While it’s not everything you need to know, you will find it’s a good start so you are aware of what to expect and some of your key questions will have been answered.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at any time with questions about the market, the home buying process, life in Carlsbad and North San Diego County, and anything else you are wondering about. You can reach me by a call or text on my mobile office at (760) 840-1360.