Follow Your Heart Treasure Hunt Update – Rules

Blown Glass Heart from Barrio Glassworks

Here’s an update on the Follow Your Heart Treasure Hunt being held in Carlsbad Village, beginning today and running through the evening of President’s Day, February 15th (10 days).

You can read more about this fun event sponsored by the Carlsbad Village Association (CVA) and Barrios Glassworks on the CVA website.

Only 1 glass heart per person – that seems fair, right? Given there are 50 hearts there are plenty of opportunities to find one of these collectible blown glass hearts from Barrio Glassworks.

Hearts will be “hidden” throughout the event and not all on 1 day. And they are supposedly in pretty obvious places, and easy to spot, and no treasure map is necessary.

According to the event website you should consider iconic places in the Village – near some of the murals, historic places, a place where you might sit and relax, on the rail trail when walking, and so on.

Once you find a glass heart go to the CVA Follow Your Heart event page to register your find – it’s simple. There is a 3-digit number engraved on the heart – just enter your name, email address and the number before the end of the treasure hunt on the 15th.

All registrations will be entered into a drawing on the 16th and the winner will receive a glass blowing experience at the Barrio Glassworks. The winner will be announced on the 16th on the CVA website, and the Instagram and Facebook pages.