Fall Maintenance Tips for Carlsbad Homeowners

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Here are some home maintenance tips for the fall and winter for Carlsbad homeowners:

Change your Smoke Detector and Carbon Monoxide Batteries (unless hard wired or 10-year batteries).

Heating/Cooling:  Have your HVAC company do a complete tune-up and any necessary repairs; Replace and/or clean air filters in forced air systems; install a Carbon Monoxide Detector if you don’t have one – it’s the LAW in California and has been since July 2011, and good protection for everyone in the home

Dryer:  Clean inside of dryer duct; check outside exhaust area; clean the dryer venting or have it professionally cleaned to avoid potential fire

Kitchen:  Clean your range hood filters; vacuum refrigerator coils and check for leaks or drips under the refrigerator and under sink. Check to see if your water filter on your refrigerator needs replacing.

Windows/doors:  Inspect and clean around seals; consider replacing windows with broken seals to improve the view but also efficiency; replace worn weatherproofing around doors to reduce drafts and loss of heat

Bathrooms:  Check all caulk and tile and; clean and/or replace as needed; vacuum exhaust fan grills

Gutters:  Clean gutters of all debris; make sure all downspouts are clear and water flows properly; replace any gutters or downspouts that leak. Reinstall any loose gutters or downspouts. And consider installing rain barrels to capture water and wave on your watering bill

Landscape: Trim or clear vegetation/tree branches away from roof, gutters and sides of house. Get rid of any dead plantings, tree branches, etc.

Exterior:  Check for signs of termite, ant and other pest infestation or damage; if you see damage or infestation, have a professional in to repair damage and complete preventative measures (fumigation, spot treatment, heat treatment). Even if you don’t see any termites or damage consider having a termite inspection since they may be in places you can’t see, such as behind walls or in your attic – consider a regular maintenance program for termites and other pests. Repair any stucco cracks

Fireplace:  Have your chimney inspected and cleaned by a professional, especially if it’s wood burning. Have a vent cap installed on your chimney is one is missing, or damaged.